612 – Dog Eat Dog

This one makes me laugh out loud. I showed this to some friends and they asked what my obsession about cannibalism. I think they are wrong. I don’t have an obsession with cannibalism at all. I think when I’m writing a joke I am just trying to take the joke to its maximum. Sometimes I have to cross the line or get close to the line to maximize the humor of a cartoon. I don’t sit down to write a joke and think how can I write a joke about cannibalism. My joke writing is organic and I let it take me in different directions.

I’m looking at this joke now and I noticed that they haven’t even taken a bite yet. These dogs are thinking twice about what they have done. Maybe the are filled with guilt.  But its really hard to put anyone back together once you’ve hacked them up and cooked them.  Even if you could bring them back to life how do you repair your relationship with them?  I bet you’d say something like “Sorry about hacking you to pieces Fido. I should really cut that stuff out of my life.”

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