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601 – Bird Feeder


This is the first cartoon I did after a 3 year break. I had to start my sign company in San Francisco so I could have steady income to pursue my cartoon dreams. This is also the first cartoon that I’ve drawn with my new Wacom Cintiq.  With the Wacom Cintiq my sketching is faster, inking is faster, coloring is faster and clean up is not existent. Everything has improved I think. I can finally color the way I want to color.

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Custom Cartoons for Solar Power

Every quarter I do a custom cartoon for Buchalter Nemer.  A law firm based out of Los Angeles who have offices in San Francisco and Scottsdale Arizona.  This quarter I was asked to do a cartoon about solar power.  This is a great topic since there are many things happening in the field of solar […]

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