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608-Working From Home


I am fortunate to say that I work from home. It’s definitely not for everyone. When the opportunity arose to possibly working at home I was hesitant since I was concerned that I might not be able to separate work from non-work. Some of the things I do to psych myself into thinking that work is now over and my night life is to take over is I move my office out of my room and into another room.  This way I can close the door. Another thing I do is to have a set time when I clock out. I don’t have clock and I don’t count my hours but there is a time when I sometimes when I stand up from my desk and I say to myself time to clock out.

Another thing I do is that I don’t look at work emails at night. When email became popular I was obsessed at checking email. I would travel from coffee shop to coffee shop paying money to check email only to find that no one emailed me. (This was before smart phones.) Its strange to me that someday there is going to be a whole generation of people that won’t know a time before the internet or even smart phones!  I digress.  Now I get so many emails every day I have to force myself to only answer emails during business hours. Sometimes life requires that I answer an email at night, but for the most part I try to stay away.

I’m changing the subject.

This cartoon looks to me like a watermelon. This was a happy accident. Either that or I was hungry when I drew this. You have the green on green wallpaper with the pink carpet much like watermelon bubblegum. I like the simplicity of this drawing. I played around with excluding details in the pictures. I also like how the wallpaper is painted right through the frames. This flattens the background to make it even more simple looking. It’s also easier to color the background when you can just paint right through objects.

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