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604 – Sleeping Beauty Online Dating

604 - Sleeping Beauty Online Dating

I’ve never done any online dating. I don’t think its for me. I really don’t like posting super personal stuff on Facebook, how can I get to a point where I’m posting even more personal stuff on a dating sight for all the women to judge. Of course I’m no Sleeping Beauty in the looks department.

I’d imagine Sleeping Beauty would get a lot of dudes emailing her or pinging her via the online dating website. I really don’t know how people connect via the online dating sites. I assume its much like connecting with a person on Craigslist to buy a couch or a TV. You email or call the person that has the goods you want and then you figure out a time to connect if the other party hasn’t sold the goods yet.

Sleeping Beauty has many things to offer a young prince. She’s rich, she’s got a castle and you know her bed is comfortable. The sleeping thing can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand you’ll have plenty of time to yourself since she’s sleeping all the time. You can play poker with your friends, you can play video games in the middle of the day. You can take up exotic and time consuming hobbies like distilling scotch or building a space station.

The curse of dating or being married to Sleeping Beauty is that she might nod off during a date or a conversation. To keep her interest you might have to use lots of exclamation points when you talk to keep her interested. You might have to embellish your trip to the farmers market by adding a car chase or kidnapping to keep her from counting sheep. Lying to your partner let alone a beautiful princess is not really a good way to a healthy relationship.

In this cartoon should have drew at least a coffee cup on her computer desk. Maybe some caffeine pills. I imagine that Sleeping Beauty is addicted to caffeine. I only thought of this while writing this post. Oh well. I’m sure Sleeping Beauty hasn’t made her last appearance in Rackafracka.

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