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599 – Too Big To Fail

Too Big to Fail

This is a cartoon I did for a bank lawyer that was doing a presentation in the heart of the financial crisis. There were a lot of banks that were having problems and the topic of “too big to fail” was thrown around a lot. My client was giving a presentation and he wanted to use the phrase “too big to fail” during his presentation. I enjoy chalkboard drawings of math. Partly because I’m the worst at math and so I just Google math equations and then jumble it up on the chalkboard. I also love drawing scientists in white coats… less coloring.

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Business Cartoons for a Law Firm

Law firms are great referrals for me since they often times put out many articles and newsletters giving clients and potential clients updated information.  During economic times like these law firms are making moves to get their clients prepared for the lean times.  Newsletters are a great way to broadcast your knowledge to your clients. […]

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